Automation 1 Day Proficiency Course


IFR proficiency is a prerequisite for course enrollment. The course is designed to instruct the 1st officer airline pilot to automation proficiency standards using Flight Director and FMS/GPS Automation proficiency is a major requirement for airline and corporate turbo jet operations

Syllabus Content
Ground briefings Automation Dynamics 3 Hrs.

  • Introduction to automation, FD / HSI / EFIS display, Autopilot.
  • Flight profiles, automation application
  • 2 Pilot crew & cockpit management, briefings, departure and approach.
  • Automation Emergency procedures.
  • CRM briefings
  • Multi-tasking Automation procedures,

Automation Simulator Training 3.0 Hrs.

  • Auto pilot mode selection
  • EFIS, Flight Director & FMS/GPS applications
  • Automation IFR procedures
  • DP & Enroute tracking
  • VOR-GPS- Non precision approaches
  • ILS approaches
  • Missed approaches
  • Holding patterns
  • Manual reversion Partial panel standby instruments
  • Auto pilot automation stalls



Automation 1 Day Proficiency Course
All evaluations conducted to airline proficiency standards
2 scheduled classes monthly KVNY-KCRQ-KCMA location

Flight West Airline Training Academy
IFRSIMCLUB.COM (818)-371-8653



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