Line Orientation Flight Training, (LOFT) for GA

The IFRSIMCLUB/Regional Airline Training center division has specially designed Loft Training for General Aviation allowing GA pilots to train on the same level as the pros train. For years loft training has not been available to General Aviation. IFRSIMCLUB is the first in the industry to introduce this essential safety training to General aviation.

Loft training has now come to the GA community and is a major component in accident prevention and recurrent VFR & IFR flight operations. This type of training is used by the airlines and by corporate flight departments to promote Aeronautical Decision Making, (ADM), Crew Resource Management, (CRM) & system knowledge via the use of simulators.

Loft (Line orientation flight training) is based on the NTSB accident base, risk management and advanced airmanship training. LOFT FOR LIFE training was developed for all levels from Student to Professional. All training is ground and simulator based, designed to impart knowledge, CRM, ADM discipline, confidence and the issues that break the accident chain.


  • Sim-.The deadly 180 turn back to the runway
  • Sim-Icing scenarios pitot/airspeed/structural icing
  • Sim-Instrument system failures partial panel
  • Sim-Low level maneuvering, stall recognition and recovery
  • Sim-Automation management
  • Sim-GPS/FMS management
  • Sim-CFIT scenarios and prevention
  • Sim-Multi-tasking, distractions in the cockpit
  • Sim-Upset/wind shear training
  • Sim-Navigation situation/position awareness
  • Sim-X-C scenario with procedure, WX & a/c system problems
  • Sim & Grn. Hypoxia training
  • Sim & Grn. Emergency Crew Training-water survival (meets Far 135.331)
  • Grn-CRM & ADM, Single pilot Issues
  • Grn-Pro Briefings, SOP,& Checklist Procedures
  • Grn- Cockpit Conflict and resolution
  • Grn-Chart traps

Schedule: 2hr.Sim loft, 1hr.Grn. Brief plus all materials included

Discount package rates for multiple lofts.

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